Budgeting and Fundraising 101


 One day we will all have to face real world issues, one of those issues will include how to spend our money wisely.  Which may seem difficult as it is a growing issue in modern society.  As Future Business Leaders of America we are prone to learn more about how “real life” complications arise especially when dealing with money.  Clearly stated as one of the FBLA nine goals” Encourage and practice efficient money management” which has become increasingly important in the life of many students all around the world.  Growing cost of college, and living standards are allowing students to take more responsibility in hopes of emulating one of the keys to their successful careers.

Spending Budget

Although living standards are increasing by the day many students are having a hard time saving up money, as typical students that are thinking about the present rather than the future.  Which is not helping any of them in the coming years.  Cutting spending would be great for many people however as many know that is highly unlikely for adolescents, however managing spending can be attainable.  Many may ask how I cut my spending?  Though there are many ways to cut spending it could began by not getting Starbucks every day and making coffee at home, or eating home cooked meals.  One of the simplest ways is to create a spending budget.  It is a perfect way for students to organize their life, and hopefully teach them how to save up every penny they have.  The spending budget can include a breakdown of your whole month’s expenses, which can help manage, and hopefully cut unnecessary monthly purchases.  However the spending budget does not need to be as detailed as the one shown in the picture it can be even simpler.  Although it can be written on an Excel document it can be something you sketch in your note book and hang it on your fridge, which can be just as effective.  Knowing a breakdown of your expenses can help you become more organized with your spending and can help you save up for times in need especially help you when you are a college student, and have student loans.Sarah Article Image


Many FBLA members all around the nation are figuring out smart ways to help them raise money for their conferences especially the National Leadership Conference which can cost members close to $2000.  From buying a suit and paying for a plane ticket members are fundraising for the week long trip months before they even figure out if they qualified for NLC.  Competent FBLA members are even reaching out to local business, friends, and may other people just to raise enough money to pay for their dues.  Some students sell products during school like fruit cups and cookies, while many other students work at their school concessions stands.  Creating relationships with local business, is not only giving members an opportunity to improve their speaking skills, but is also allowing students to become more independent leaders.


-Sarah Ali

2017-18 FBLA National Treasurer’s Council Member


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