FBLA Financial Literacy Initiative

How Can I Help Teach My Chapter Personal Finance?


Looking for a way to kick start financial literacy within your chapter? Look no further! This website has been launched to help your local chapter become informed about the ins and outs of financial literacy. The FBLA Personal Financial Initiative is a website made for FBLA members to have an interactive experience with personal finance.  On the website, you can find resources, blogs, and a easy-to-learn personal finance course.

This personal finance course is designed to offer all students a personal finance education regardless of their school’s education offerings. These lessons cover a wide variety of topics including economic problem solving, budgeting, income, taxes, banking, and investing. It also covers topics not covered in school such as insurance and economic responsibility. All topics cover different sections of the main topic and goes in depth to make sure members get a well-rounded learning experience of all topics.

-Hannah Starling

FBLA National Treasurer’s Council Member